Thursday, July 14, 2011

3D printing with the sun, fuel efficient cars, BMW logo history and guitar strings movement (just varied news)

This is an incredible project by Markus Kayser, who built a 3D printer that heats up sand using concentrated solar rays and solar energy. It doesn’t get more “enviromentally friendly” than this. Check out the video below, although I think that it is not very precise, just imagine what could be done if you concentrate further the rays and improve its precision.

Markus Kayser - Solar Sinter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.

How cool is it that kids are nowadays building cars that do over 1,000 mpg (that’s about 425 km/l)? That’s pretty impressive specially when I think that at that age most people dreamed of only going to the YMCA car races.

“In the UK, students from regional schools and universities took part in the annual Mileage Marathon Challenge near Leicester, England, each team vying to set new gas mileage efficiency records in a race around a track. Cars were allowed to coast, but had to maintain a minimum speed of 15 miles per hour. Students worked on the vehicle prototypes, many in partnership with design and engineering firms.“ via BBC.


For those of you that heard the story that the BMW logo represents a moving propeler over the blue sky, here below is a short video of how the logo was developed and how it came to be the symbol for the company that has remained mainly unchanged since its inception.

You have got to see the video below that shows how the strings of a guitar oscillate. Of course it shows as if some of waves were standing waves, but it is all due to the rolling shutter effect in the camera, but definitely an interesting experiment. See how each cord is almost transformed into an oscillator, really good stuff.

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