Saturday, June 25, 2011

New future of planes

How do you envision the planes of the future to be? Well even though I consider myself creative, this video below goes beyond my imagination. It’s good to see the engineers looking at what can be done for the near future, and well we will have to wait to see what the future brings in reality and how that gap between current reality and concepts is filled with final products.

If you want you can always look at the original video on airbus website at but it surely is an interesting take and approach on current airplane design.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Videos from around the net

Check out the short animated film below, it’s the thesis of a Senior Student of Ringling College of Art and Design, you can see many more at​channels/​ringling2011

Hunted - Gordon Pinkerton - Ringling Thesis 2011 from Gordon Pinkerton on Vimeo.

Beno Saradzic, an Abu Dhabi-based filmmaker has produced a time-lapse movie capturing everyday scenes of some of the UAE capital’s iconic landmarks, in what he has described as a ‘labour of love’. The video is made of up to 21,000 images, from more than a dozen different locations across de city. Have a look at it below

ABU DHABI 2011 - time lapse film (Score by Vlad Persan) from Beno Saradzic on Vimeo.

How about a magician that uses technology to do his magic? You have got to see the below video of Marco Tempest using 3 ipods to create magic. It’s a very clever use of the technology and a great presentation.

How do you teach kids how to save? Well it’s good to see educational technology being developed to help parents to teach their kids how to save, share and manage their expenses. This is definitely something I should try with my daughter later on.

The news about Windows 8 has captured the web and the video below gives a bit of a preview of what we might get to expect from the new OS. I am sceptical that they will manage to build one OS that would work well for Desktop, Notebook, Tablet and phone, and work as well whether using keyboard and mouse, touchpad or touchscreen. Only time will tell but if this preview is any good, interesting times are coming ahead.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Education related news from around the net

How well are the newly graduates ready for the real world and how well is University preparing them for it, has been questions that I have always asked myself, specially when seeing the far gap between what my University taught me, what opportunities were in the market and what I am doing currently.

Therefore I have to admire and applaud initiatives such as what was called “The facebook Class”. The New York Times reported that in the fall of 2007 in Stanford, students were asked to Devise an app, get people to use it and do it several times, but that no one expected they would be getting millions of users and that it would fire up the careers and fortunes of more than 2 dozens students and teachers.

But by teaching students to build no-frills apps, distribute them quickly and worry about perfecting them later, the Facebook Class stumbled upon what has become standard operating procedure for a new generation of entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley and beyond

Working in teams of three, the 75 students created apps that collectively had 16 million users in just 10 weeks.” “during the term, the apps, free for users, generated roughly $1 million in advertising revenue

Four weeks into the quarter, he and his colleague, Rob Fan, set out to create an app that would let Facebook users send “hugs” to one another.

It took them all of five hours.

The app took off. So they moved on to apps for “kisses,” “pillow fights” and other digital interactions — 70 in all.

Their apps caught on with millions of people and were soon bringing in nearly $100,000 a month in ads. After the class ended, the two started a company, 750 Industries, named after the 750 Pub at Stanford where Mr. Greenberg and Mr. Fan where drinking when they decided to become business partners.”

How cool would it be to be taught entrepreneurism in that way, just get out there, get it done, and then perfect it into a viable business. Specially at that stage when creativity is at all times high and overhead costs normally at an all time low.

On another set of ideas: Even though my daughter is still several years away from reaching University age, it’s worrying to see the trend of students debt. According to the Wall Strett Journal (and reported also by Yahoo), the average student debt for those graduating in 2011 in the US is higher than ever and it is USD 22,900 in average.

“With tuition rising at an annual rate of about 5% and cash-strapped parents less able to help, the mean student-debt burden at graduation will reach nearly $18,000 this year, estimates Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of student-aid websites and Together with loans parents take on to finance their children’s college educations — loans that the students often pay themselves – the estimate comes to about $22,900. That’s 8% more than last year and, in inflation-adjusted terms, 47% more than a decade ago.”

On top of that Yahoo news talks about The Great Recession's Lost Generation (coming from CNNMoney).

About 60% of recent graduates have not been able to find a full-time job in their chosen profession, according to job placement firm Adecco.

Last year, the unemployment rate for college graduates age 24 and younger rose to 9.4%, the highest since the Labor Department began keeping records in 1985.

One reason is because recent hires with limited experience have the toughest time competing in a job market flooded with experienced candidates.

Adecco also found that 18% of recent grads have been forced to turn to full-time jobs outside their field of study, often jobs for which a college degree is not required.

About a third of recent graduates are still living with their parents, Adecco found, with 17% saying they are financially dependent on their parents. Almost one in four say they are in debt.

An how about the news that Peter Thiel awards $100,000 scholarships to teenagers and 20 year olds to not go to collegue? They are all getting this scholarship to chase their entrepreneurial dreams over the next two years, and as they say it “It seems like the perfect point in our lives to pursue this kind of project”. It might be a risky investment, but it’s the perfect moment to start lean and create a company from the ground up, don’t you think?

I see it as a great opportunity to have a really hands-on approach.