Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have always been very interested in technology in general, therefore here are some interesting stories/news that I have found on the internet lately on it:

Autonomous Quadrocopter Can Fly Through Windows, Perch, Murder You In Your Sleep, it is just amazing to see how robotics have evolved and how these quadrocopters can do this precise and difficult manoeuvres. Don’t forget to check out the video!

Boeing Team Designs SUGAR Volt Aircraft that Burn 70% Less Fuel. How do they achieve this? It is driven by an electric battery gas turbine hybrid propulsion system, do you think it would mean 70% cheaper tickets? I would seriously doubt it, but at least a reduction in our carbon footprint and somewhat cheaper tickets.

The World's Largest Solar-Powered Sports Facility is revealed, and it is a NASCAR track in Pennsylvania, it is powered by a 3MW photovoltaic power plant located on an empty parking lot next to the raceway. I just have to wonder why aren’t there more similar projects in the Middle East where solar energy is abundant all year long.

Poo-Powered VW Bug Hits British Streets taking us closer the famous De Lorean powered by trash that we saw in Back to the Future 2.

There's more energy in wasted food than there is in the Gulf of Mexico, what you say this cannot be true? According to the write that Americans eat about 2,800 calories per day on average, but 3,774 calories are produced per person so the difference is being wasted somewhere. Add to that the 2150 trillion kilojoules a year used to produce, transport, process, store and cooking. It’s just crazy!

So you think you are smarter than mould? You might be wrong because according to Discover magazine Brainless slime mould makes decisions like humans. The amazing true is that it makes decisions by checking “what neighbouring parts of the sac are doing, and by the local environment”

And how much do you think an iPad data plan costs? Shouldn’t that be somewhat similar everywhere? Just check out the chart below and the article in engadget iPad data cost by country analyzed and charted. What amazes me is the spread in costs, 1GB of data ranges anywhere from $0.51 (in Singapore) to $25.47 (in France) that means that it is almost 50 times more expensive in France that it is in Singapore 50 TIMES!!

Photography news/ Stuff

Have you ever wondered  how a lens is made? You have to check out the 3 parts video of the manufacture process of a canon 500mm F/4L IS, below is the first one but check out Part 2 and Part 3