Monday, January 04, 2010

The new world’s tallest tower is open

Today marked the opening of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower (and most likely to remain so for some time, until the crisis is over and projects in Asia are reignited to challenge the record)._47033366_burj_dubai_comp_466[1]

Its final height was kept a secret, but it is 828m high (an impressive 320m higher than Taipei 101, the world’s former tallest tower). In itself the building is a great engineering achievement as it has to sustain the heavy winds associated with the desert and sand storms in its base, and its structure was designed so that the winds is “confused” (in the words of one of the engineers interviewed by Dubai eye) so that wind speed is not reinforced, therefore avoiding extreme forces and wind speeds of up to 3 times those at the base. Even as impressive as the building itself is the fact that it took only 6 years to build it, as the excavation works started in January 2004.

The building was open today January 4th, 2010 by his highness Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum in an spectacular array of fireworks, lights, water and even skydivers. It’s new name (it was formerly known as Burj Dubai) was also revealed during the opening ceremony as it was renamed after the U.A.E.’s president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan (who knows how much influence the latest bail-out by Abu Dhabi had on this).

Here below I will let 4 pictures taken today of the tower and it’s opening speak by themselves:

Burj Khalifa on its opening day Burj Khalifa Opening Fireworks

Burj Khalifa Opening Fireworks Daniela, Perla and Rafael at the Burj Khalifa opening

PS: I personally think that the event was well organized and prepared, but the traffic coming in and out of the parking lots around Burj Dubai were incredible. I cannot believe they were not prepared to have traffic police at all intersections and traffic lights, so that the traffic could be better controlled and to give priority to the traffic coming out of Burj Downtown and all parking lots.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year to all / Feliz año nuevo a todos

We have already used 2 days of these new year, and of course I did not want to let that pass without going for the first post of the year.

Instead of the normal resolutions of posting more, reading more, doing more exercise, etc. etc. I decided to start the year with a post of the family Christmas card prepared for 2009; the plan was to send it out via email to all of our friends, but it got stuck in google’s filter as you can only send to 100 people, so I guess it will take some more time for all of those that did not receive it to do so, for the time being it is here.

PS: The resolutions will come as actions later on, I am just trying to face it out better and write more often ;-D


Ya hemos usado (o gastado) 2 días de este año, y por supuesto no quería llegar al tercer día sin el primer escrito del año.

En vez de las resoluciones normales de escribir más, leer más, hacer más ejercicio, etc. etc. decidí comenzar este año con la tarjeta de navidad que preparamos para el 2009; el plan era de enviarla por email a todos nuestros amigos y familia, pero los filtros de google la pararon porque solo se puede enviar un email a 100 personas, así que tomará un poco más de tiempo en que llegue a todos sus destinatarios. Pero por el momento aquí está.

PS: Las resoluciones llegarán como acciones después, por los momentos solo trato de distribuir las entradas y escribir más frecuentemente ;-D

Christmas Card 2009