Friday, September 05, 2008

The Olympics came and passed

The 2008 China Olympics have passed already (some time ago but I had not blogged on it) and with it a new image has been given to the world about China and their capabilities to organize such an outstanding event and as we say in Spanish "Botar la casa por la ventana" which literally means to throw the house through the window or to do it with splendor.

US lead in total number of medals with 110 medals in total, while China finished on top with 51 Gold medals and 100 medals in total. That's an outstanding result when compared with 1 Bronze medal that my beloved Venezuela got, but hey one is better than nothing, right?

I wanted to share some great links about the Olympics, specially pictures from the Olympic games which I have found on the web:
  • You have got to check this page at The New York Times which has an interactive map showing graphically the quantity of medals won by each country in all the Olympic games since Athens 1896!
  • The big picture blog has the best set of pictures I have seen of the opening ceremony
  • Sports Illustrated has an underwater slideshow of the 100m butterfly final where Michael Phelps won by .01 seconds, you have to see how close it was!!
  • The Daily Mail has a story of how photographs helped overturn a result in taekwondo, giving Britain the chance to win the Bronze and taking china out
  • Stern from Germany has very unusual and sometime humorous set of 150 pictures from the Olympics, you should not miss.
  • Sports Illustrated has a great photo archive of their coverage of the Olympics
  • If you are into photography (as I am) you should check this 360 degree high resolution panorama, shot by Kari Kuukka from a photographer's corral before the men's 100m final.
  • London has now a big challenge to host the Olympics in 2012 after this amazing show put up by china, so preparing for that The big Picture posted a great looking set of pictures of London shot from above and at night.

I hope you enjoyed the Olympics and that you enjoy these links too