Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Change is the only constant

Blogging from Algiers as I am here for a 3 days working trip, I can only remember that so important phrase "Change is the only constant".
Within the last month too many changes have happened, but today while reviewing the installation in Algiers and the challenges that lie in the near future with it, I can only think of it.
Just when you think that things are working fine, ZAS!! it hits you. It's time to do damage control and get things working right. My project was badly impacted by missinformed people that gave the wrong information from the beginning, and did not have the guts to say "that is incorrect" or "this is missing", once more badly impacted by a third party in which trust was put as the "Specialist" in the field.
Well as I learned in Russia "That's life", not much to do but to correct things and move on. As I was told lately "If things were always right you would not have a job, therefore be happy for those bumps in the way" ha, ha, ha.