Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Auctioning a Bike on eBay

So the summer is here and people are looking for ways to enjoy it while it lasts. So it is time for me to sell my brand new Alpha Aluminum, US Version, Trek 1500 bike, which I brought from the US to Europe.
It's brand new and I am auctioning it for a very good price: Start bid at € 950 against € 1,350 that a comparable one would cost in Belgium.
So if you know of anyone that might be interested in buying it please forward them to

I will transport it if needed inside Belgium for free, if it needs to be sent to another country inside the European Union I can do that too for a very good price, it's negotiable.
If you or your friend are interested in settling the business out of eBay and negotiate the price that we can also do.

The information in eBay is in French, although I can provide it in English, Spanish and even Dutch (although I will not be able to answer your questions in Dutch). I can always be contact through the blog or eBay website.