Thursday, May 10, 2007

Algunas fotos mas de los campos floreados de Holanda

Aquí algunas fotos más para complementar las puestas anteriormente del campo de flores en Holanda.

Tuvimos un excelente día con un clima cálido y soleado increible para esta época del año que por supuesto aprovechamos para tomar muchísimas fotos.

De verdad una zona que vale la pena visitar especialmente en esta época del año cuando todo está floreado y colorido. Este campo en especial estaba cerca de la ciudad de Sasenheim entre Roterdam y Amsterdam.

Perla & Daniela in Tulips
Rose TulipsTulips FieldTulips Field

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When shit hits the fan...

At least that what they say in the US, but let's be realistic, if you ever use the expression is because it was too late for you to react, right?
Now I better get back to doing damage control!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Flower fields in the Netherlands

So following the suggestions from family and friends we went to the Netherlands to check their famous Flower Fields now that Spring is fully here.
We drove off the highways to go through the small streets in the Netherlands and passed by the towns of Leiden, Katwijk, Nordwijk, Sasseheim to end up in Keukenhof, a floral park that deserves a posting on his own. You can check the area in Google Maps.
We enjoyed the beautiful landscapes, small towns, windmills in the roads and people just cycling around, and close to Sasenheim found some fields full of flowers were most of these pictures were taken (with the exception of the Rose and last tulips)

It's definitely worth it to go to the Netherlands at this time to enjoy the scenery!!

Tulips Fields

Tulips Fields

Perla and Daniela in the Tulips FieldFlowers Field

Tulip close-up

Tulips close to our placeRose

Fotos actualizadas de Daniela

Bueno para aquellos lectores hispanohablantes (amigos y familia en Latino América especialmente) aquí están unas fotos actualizadas de Daniela que fueron tomadas en el Parque cerca de nuestra casa.
Que las disfruten.

Daniela in the ParkDaniela in the ParkDaniela in the Park

Namur, Belgium

Starting the update on places visited in the last 2 months I'll start with Namur (Or Namen in Dutch).
Namur it's a town in the southern part of Belgium (you can check it's location in Google Maps), it started as a celtic trading settlement, then was an important Roman post, then it developed as it's own county.
It was cut in half as the northern part of the River Meuse belonged to the Counts of Namur and the other side belonged to the Bishops of Liege. It felt to the hands of the Count of Flanders in 1262 and was purchased by Burgundy in 1421.
It was part of the Spanish-Netherlands in the 1640s, and was invaded by the French in 1692. After that it was owned by the Dutch, Austrians, France once again and finally what is now Belgium.
Each of these changes left its marks on the city and it's definitely worth a while to go and pay a visit to it if you are in town. Here are some pictures of the citadel and city.

Namur's CitadelNamur's Downtown
Namur's DowntownNamur's River

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

2 Years old already, time really flies fast

Although a bit belated, this is a congratulations to my little "angel" for her 2nd Birthday, which was back in April 21st.
In order to be able to see how much she has changed (grew) I made this small contact sheets with pictures of her, one per each month since birth. It's truly amazing how much they change in a such a short time.
Ana: I owed you a picture update on Daniela, so although a bit late, here it is

Este fue un pequeño arreglo que hice para celebrar el 2do cumpleaños de Daniela, en él se puede ver una foto por cada mes de vida que tiene, comenzando con Abril 2005. De derecha a Izquierda y de arriba a abajo.
Es increible que tan rapido cambian (crecen) ¿no?

Daniela - 25 Months of Life