Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stuff that happened to us in the wedding trip

I was just looking at old posting which I never posted and found this interesting things of crazy stuff that happened to us before the wedding trip. It was definitely worth posting it:
  • I cut my hand 1 day before leaving to Venezuela, a deep long cut in my left hand while chopping some fruit for Daniela, which translated into me having a bandage over my hand for 3 days(now there's almost not even a scar).
  • The Flower shop did not arrange for the calla lilies to be delivered before the wedding, so 3 days before they had to run and find them; we almost didn't have any flowers nor bouquet.
  • The van in which we picked up my wife's family had no air conditioner but only a hole on the roof. I take my hat off for them as they made the best out of that situation, but we were really afraid on what to do if it rained.
  • Money Exchange: It was truly a challenge, because if you change dollars in an exchange office they would pay you about Bs 2000 per dollar, if you do it in the black market about Bs 2300 per dollar, and my family wanted some dollars and they were buying them at Bs 2500, but they ran out of cash on the 3rd day.
  • We did not have much time to go to the church before the wedding, so we did not rehearse the ceremony or had any idea what to answer during it, it was truly an adventurous experience with the priest telling us softly exactly what to respond during it.
  • The priest had written in his agenda that the baptism was at 9:00am but told us at 9:30, so he left after 9:15 as nobody arrived and we had to wait until 11:00 for some friends to pick him from his residency and return to do the ceremony.
  • Due to several intercultural misunderstandings, my wife's family ended up not even wanting to enter our house for the celebration of the baptism, which resulted with everyone being uncomfortable and not feeling welcome. But hey at the end it worked out.
  • The road to go down to La Guaira Airport was closed several minutes before us leaving Caracas, so we had to take the old 2 way street through the mountains, but thanks to god for that extra toast in my sister's apartment, otherwise we would have been stuck in the traffic without making it to the airport on time.
  • On the flight back a crazy Portuguese guy that was sitting next to us read the newspaper for 7 HOURS straight, thus not letting Daniela or anyone else in the part of the plane sleep properly. You never know where you will meet the next asshole with insomnia.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fireworks at work

So after a weekend in Alsace (France), another one in Bruges (for me the most beautiful city in Belgium), 1 week in Morocco and a French test that did not go too well because of my Passé Composé not working properly in the oral test, I came back to work only to get some fireworks in the office.

But let me clarify, there weren't any fireworks close to the office or outside the office, they were IN the office.

So it was a normal summer morning in building 6 when at about 10:45 there is a power surge and all electricity goes out in our half of the 3rd floor. Everyone starts to walk around, get some tea, do any paperwork, talk, anything that is not computer related.

Suddenly 10 min after there's some kind of ZZZZZ sound and a colleague starts saying that her monitor just got cooked!! Of course I went there to get a look at the bizarre event and it was definitely fried, with smoke coming out of it and the smell of burnt capacitors (which I know closely from my University years).

5 min later another colleague comes in with the same problem and while standing there an talking about it, another one just gets cooked in front of us too - ZZZZZ.

30 min later we all have power, the monitors were already replaced and things are back to normal. Some people that were in meetings didn't even realize all of these happened, but for us the smell is here to remind us of it.

Is there a better way to have a short break from work? It has Drama, mystery and surprise elements! Definitely something to keep in mind for future power surges: If the power goes off, just unplug everything for security reasons!