Monday, May 29, 2006

Amazing weekend

Last Thursday was a holiday in Belgium, so we decided to take Friday off, rent a car and go to Alsace, a very well known region of the Southeast France. This Region is well known for it's Wine Route, Castles, Black Forest and good gourmet.
So after 4 amazing days of Wine tasting, 1200 Km of road, tasting typical food of the Region, almost going crazy due to the works on the road to Luxembourg I am now back in Brussels with a ton of pictures to finish to upload, so more from Alsace and Venezuela soon.

By the way, I am also celebrating as I have just finished putting together our new desk, so from now on blogging from my desk at home. Pictures of the apartment and a little inauguration dinner to come.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The crazy hour

Crazy hour is a new invention in Venezuela were at a certain moment of the Party the Groom and Bride will distribute hats, masks and different things so that the attendees could disguise themselves and then just enjoy some great fun.

In our case to the hats and masks we added mustaches and tequila, it was a very good combination. Enjoy the Pics

Crazy hourDeliver Tequila to everyone
Crazy Hour disguisesCrazy Hour disguises
Crazy Hour disguisesCrazy Hour disguises

Wedding Traditions

Some of the typical traditions that happen in a wedding reception include the toast by the best man and maid of honor and the bouquet and Garter throwing. The last is a tradition where the groom will take the Garter from the bride with his teeth and then toss it to the single guys in the party, and the tradition says that the one who catches it will be the next one to get married.

In our case after the 2nd attemp of tossing the bouquet and the Garter (as both first attemps were not fruitful) both of them were captured by my best man and his girlfriend, so now we are waiting for the good news of when will it happen. Here are some pics of it

Perla's First attempt of throwing the bouquet
Final attempt of throwing the bouquetToasts for the newly wedsJust before going to get the Garter
Getting the GarterGarter TossAnd I got the Garter

Highlights from the wedding

I have finally uploaded 73 of my wedding pics into my flickr account. If you want to view them all click here.

Our wedding took place in my old church (Sacred Cour) in Barquisimeto, it was a rather small celebration with close friends and family. Although we arrived late and the priest was in a hurry it turn out to be a quite beautiful celebration.

From there we went to a reception in the Hosteria Hotel where we had the chance to dance until 3am, enjoy our time with family and friends and follow some of traditional ceremonies as the bouquet and Garter tossing ones. Here are some highlights of the wedding, enjoy the pics!

Newly Weds outside the church
My in-laws in front of the churchMy wife's in-laws in front of the churchPerla once married
Newly Wed, my sisters and both my grandmasCheersCheers
The cousins from my Mother's sideAIESECersWhat are you doing Aunty?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Before the wedding Pics

Well after reviewing over 1300 pictures which we have of the wedding, we have compile the best 240 and I will start uploading some here of course.
Here is the first group of pictures of the moments before the wedding:
Getting ReadyToast before the weddingJust before leaving to the church

Monday, May 15, 2006

5 weeks out of Brussels, it is time to go back for a bit

I am now in Athens on my way back to Brussels, I will finally stay for some time home and can update on what has happened recently. I can only say that the last weeks have been pretty hectic, full of stories to tell and projects that came to completion, really hard work on personal and professional side but nonetheless fulfilling and exciting times.
2 weeks in Istanbul to complete Payroll installation and parallel run for DHL TR
2 weeks in Venezuela for the wedding in the church, Daniela's Baptism and her 1st Bday celebration
1 week in Egypt for payroll completion for DHL EG

So in total 5 crazy weeks out with high expectations and hard schedules, it feels good to go back and rest a bit.
Pictures to come for sure, after I finish selecting from the over 1300 I have from our trip to VZLA