Friday, February 03, 2006

Travel starts to kick off

Out to Prague in 9 hours, meeting a Venezuelan alumnus (Victor from Valencia) with whom I just got in contact 3 days ago through another alumnus I met that now lives in Belgium.
Going to Downtown in Saturday with Victor and then meeting with a colleague late in the afternoon. Sunday again to downtown with a colleague that lives in Prague, meeting with Diler over lunch and then in the afternoon meeting with my boss to go over the agenda for the next 5 days.
It's gonna be a moved and challenging week, but a very interesting one.
Cheers to you all,

European Autoshow II

An special place is reserved for this legends:

Ford GT: Born from to celebrate the legend Ford GT40, the winner of the Le mans race for 4 years in a row. I just need to mention that the original GT40 was never beaten in Le Mans, the rules of the competition were changed, not allowing the car to compete anymore.
The name of GT40 was because its height was only 40 inches, although the current production unit is 44 inches (Still a very good design ah?).
This was actually the car I always said I would buy for myself in case I had too much money.

Aston Martin: In the pictures the famous car that always agent 007 uses, in this case it is a V8 Vantage, a 32 valve, 4.3 liter V8, with a maximum speed of 280 Kmh and can make 0-100 Kmh in 5.0 seconds, not bad for 007 ah?

European Autoshow Brussels - Ford GTEuropean Autoshow Brussels - Daniela, I and the Ford GT
European Autoshow Brussels - Aston MartinEuropean Autoshow Brussels - Aston Martin V8 Vantage

European Autoshow

Thanks to a colleague that got us a couple of tickets we went on Jan 21 to the Brussels Eruopean Autoshow.

We saw some pretty nice things, and of course here are some pictures of them. Like for example the Dodge Tomahawk, a concept bike with a Viper V-10 engine and 500 HP, 2 sets of wheels that move to give inclination to the bike and an estimated top speed of 420 mph, I just wonder who will ever try to get it to that speed.

Also in the pics some Ferrari, Maserati, F1, Peugeot, Chevy concept car T2X (which resembles a lot the Renault concept and the Porsche Cayenne), Renault Megane Trophy and of course many many others. More pics to come

European Autoshow Brussels - Perla on a Harley
European Autoshow Brussels - Dodge Tomahawk conceptEuropean Autoshow Brussels - Ferrari StandEuropean Autoshow Brussels - Ferrari Stand
European Autoshow Brussels - MaseratisEuropean Autoshow Brussels - Peugeot
European Autoshow Brussels - Renault F1European Autoshow Brussels - Honda F1
European Autoshow Brussels - Peugeot 907 BackEuropean Autoshow Brussels - Peugeot 907 Front
European Autoshow Brussels - Chevy T2X ConceptEuropean Autoshow Brussels - Megane Trophy
European Autoshow Brussels - Perla on a SmartEuropean Autoshow Brussels