Thursday, December 29, 2005

First tooth and first Christmas in Brussels

So what do you do when it is your first Christmas in another country, and Your first child's first Christmas? You start new traditions as cooking some drunken Turkey (Turkey with wine) with Pasta (Traditional Christmas dishes in VE and MX, although it doesn't seem like), and you enjoy dinner, a good bottle of wine and a great talk.

Although we didn't have a white Christmas, it gave us the opportunity to enjoy our balcony, and its view. I can't complain, life treats me well.

And by the way, Daniela's first tooth is already out (pictured on the right side), so if anyone wishes to stop by to feel it while she bites as hard as possible your finger, you are more than Welcome

Daniela´s First tooth
Family Christmas PictureChristmas Dinner in BrusselsDaniela and her new hat

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Feliz día de los Santos Inocentes

Today December 28th, in Latin America as well as Spain is the celebration of the day of the Holy Innocents, today's celebration is equivalent with April Fool's Day celebration in other countries. It is a day where people play pranks on each other, and prank victims are called "inocentes".
It was something remarkable to experience in Venezuela as even the newspaper will get in the spirit and publish some special news as part of the pranks, always keeping the footnote in the last page stating which ones were not real.
For those of you interested in the history behind celebrations, today's celebration celebrates the Massacre of the Innocents, or the day when Herod gave the order to kill all the boys who were less than two years old, as he felt his throne was in jeopardy as the Magi came in town asking for "He that is born King of the Jews".
One mental note for those that are superstitious, it is said that in this day you should not lend anything (be it money or any other object), as then you will never see it again.
So keep that in mind and go play some pranks on your friends, as they will not see it coming ;-D

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Back on the Road to the land of the Pharaohs

After a snowing day in Brussels it was time to get on the plane and fly to Cairo for a week of work, it is definitely something which I love from my new job, the opportunity of exploring new places.
Although the day started catching a bus at 5:30 am, with some almost melted snow falling in Brussels, and an overcast weather all the way into Zurich airport, and the fact that my plane from Zurich was changed and delayed a bit. It was a great time to relax and enjoy the view of
white Zurich, something captivating.
I decided to have a little nap and recover some energy while waiting for the plane to be de-iced and take off and without noticing it I slept during the whole take off and 15 min more. After that I was awaken by the warmth of the sun, so I opened my eyes and grasped the amazing view of the white Austrian a and Italian Alps, I have to say it was a really wonderful thing to see as outside of Zurich we had a clear sky and the sun was being reflected from all the snow covered peaks. It made me think about spending some days during winter in white Switzerland, something I really hope to do sometime soon.
That view made me realize that sadly I left home my travel companion - my Olympus camera, so this time I will have to take in everything and save it in my memory, without being able to share it (at least physically) with you guys.
This is just the best way to start my trip to Cairo, I hope my stay there is even better.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Special post for the DHL Gang

I was amazed when I entered a toys store and found this DHL Matchbox toy truck. So for 5 Euros you can have your own DHL truck, what do you think about that? Is that good marketing and branding awareness or what?

Anyone interested in one?

DHL Truck Toy

First Snow in Brussels

Snow has always have a special place in my heart and the first snow is a very special moment. I have to say it was great seeing my wife's face, as she saw for the first time snow falling through the window of our apartment.
It was some snow storm, but sadly it melted away almost immediately as it was too hot outside. I still keep my hopes up of having a white Christmas in Brussels, Daniela's first one and our first one in Europe.

Perla's First Snowfall
Daniela's first SnowfallSnowing in BrusselsSnowing in Brussels
Paduwa Church after the snowSun comes out after the snowCars with some snow

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A bit more settle in Brussels already

UnpackingI didn´t do itLast days in Florida

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Already blogging from Brussels

Well, after a crazy month of transition in my former work, finishing up some work, packing all our apartment, repainting it, moving offices from one building to another in Florida, give away many bags of things which we won't use here, getting out of the hotel at midnight because of a false fire alarm, having my parents over for 2 weeks to help us with the move, exchanging our TV an other stuff with a colleague, shopping for last minute things and winter jackets, flying for 12 hours (connection in Frankfurt), etc. etc. etc. WE ARE FINALLY IN BRUSSELS.

So from now on we'll trade the shorts and swimming suits for winter jackets and gloves, and of course our new adventures from the old continent are just starting. Keep you guys posted.

Perla and Daniela ready for winter
Perla and DanielaAutum in BrusselsDaniela ready for winter
Grand Place - BrusselsGrand Place - BrusselsGrand Place - Brussels
Grand Place - BrusselsGrand Place - BrusselsThe Royal Galleries - Brussels

Some of the best beaches

During our 1 week trip to Venezuela, thanks to god we invested 1 day in to going to Falcon State and it's Keys. In there we visited "Playuela" Key and "Los Juanes".

The first pictures are from "Los Juanes" or the swimming pool as it is called by the locals; it was given this name to it as it is a spot between 2 keys filled with crystal clear water and white sand. What makes it special is that there's no beach nearby (so you can only reach it by boat) and it's about 1.3 mt deep.

The Family at the beachDaniela and I in the beachPerla and Daniela
Grandparents and Daniela at the beachLos cayos - Falcon, VenezuelaPerla and me at
Perla and Daniela with a SeastarDaniela after a lot of sunDaniela sleeping with her Tiger

Pictures from some great days in Venezuela

Eliana, Daniela y ElilinFriends in my house´s porchDaniela in her bouncer
Friends at my placeDaniela and grandma sleepingDaniela Sleeping in the car
El Avila Mountain - CaracasDaniela and smurfs' housesDaniela sleeping in a hammack