Friday, October 28, 2005

Wilma hit hard South Florida, but we made it through OK

Hurricane Wilma flew into South Florida as a Category 3 hurricane, taking down power lines, trees, roof tiles, roofs and even mobile homes with it. It let over 2.5 million FPL subscribers without electricity and it will take until November 22nd to restore power to all of those households and business. It was truly a big storm.
Thanks to god nothing happened to my or my family, as our little apartment withstood the strong winds and all the rubbish that hit the windows while we sheltered in the kitchen reading and playing with our little 6 months old, so that she wouldn't feel the fear and uneasiness that was all over us.
Thanks to god (once and many times over again) Wilma was a hurricane that came in and left really fast traveling at speed of between 13 and 25 mph, and the worst part of the storm only lasted for some hours, comparing with Cancun where the storm was stationed for over 36 hours, we were really lucky.
We couldn't be more lucky, nothing happened to us and we had electricity back on only 2 nights after the hurricane hit, but it is not the case for most of Floridians, so we are off in a little bit to help as volunteer giving away ice and water that DHL is distributing in a park near our corporate offices.
Pictures of the hurricane and damage are to come as soon as I can get online again. So see hope to see you coming back soon.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Egypt - The land of the Pharaos

Work took me for 5 days to the land of the Pharaos. Too little time to explore all, so this just leaves more things to discover in Egypt for my next trip. Egypt has been for a long time on the top of my list of places to go before I die, and after this short trip it just strengthen its position in it.

Gladly the first afternoon in Cairo a colleague and myself got on a taxi and went on the touristic ride all the way to the Pyramids to have a glimpse at them (as we knew it was that moment or never). We got there after 4pm and everything was close as it was during Ramadan and people were preparing for the Iftar (or break fast). The only thing we could do was to get on horses and see a bit of the pyramids before the sun set, and so we did. On our way back we stopped for some Shisha, to try some Egyptian scents made mostly from Lotus flowers, some tea and a short stop to a papyrus Museum for the explanation on how they are made, I must say it was a great way to start my trip to Egypt.

During the week we had the chance to go to Khan El-Khalili (Bazaar in the center of the city) for Iftar with a colleague from DHL Egypt. It was completely full of people as it is a place where many people go and meet with friends to break the fasting that last during Ramadan. There I had the first chance to try some local food: Kufta, pita bread, wara' enab, fettat and omaly among others, interesting and great food.

Last day before leaving we had the chance to spend some hours in the Egyptian Museum (although no cameras allowed inside, so no pictures are available), it was really interesting to see and experience first hand all of these things related to the Egytian millenarian culture, I for sure wish to go back with more time to spend there. The only thing I must say is that it is sad to imagine the richness, art, landmarks and many other things which have been damaged and taken out of Egypt through the decades of treasure hunting. It still goes on today as our tour guide said that it's common for pieces from the museum to disappear every week.

Somehow it seems that Egyptians and Latin Americans are related, we share more than the crazy way we drive, the traffic, the way we smile no matter what happens, as it seems that we also look alike. I was confused for an Egyptian at least 7 times during my stay there, and even the officer at the Egyptian Passport Control did not believe I was Venezuelan, and questioned me in Arabic and English for some minutes just to make sure. So I can only say that it is a really interesting link between our cultures.

Really looking forward for a next trip with more time to Cairo, so really explore it and get to know the culture better. For the time being enjoy some of the pictures from my trip.


By horse to the Pyramids

Me at the pyramids

Sunset in the desert

Sunset and Pyramids

Happy 6th Months

Happy 6th Months
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Time just flies by, and today October 21st my baby (Daniela) is celebrating her 6th month already.
Everyday she changes a little bit, the great thing is that she still smiles a lot, and is active and healthy.
I can only give thanks to god for all the blessings.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Well as you can see I have not been updating the weblog that often, so here are some news about what has happened in the last month and a half.
- Spent 2 weeks in Turkey doing a System Study for implementation of a new HRIS System
- 2 days in Dubai in a meeting about a new module for the HRIS System
- 5 days in Cairo for the System Study for the implementation of the system in Egypt as well as in the Ukraine
- Came back only to experience the last hurricane and now hurricane Wilma that is coming this weekend.

Now you might ask: Why is that HRIS? What are you talking about? Why are you traveling so much? and here is the final official posting about the news (so Maria you can post publicly it everywhere you want)

2 weeks ago I defined my near future, by signing an employment contract with DHL to work as HR Projects Manager with EMA/LATAM group, implementing a new HRIS system and working with Employee Engagement Surveys mostly. So as many other trainees I am paiting my life Yellow and Red

Me and my family will be moving to Brussels in December (hopefully), so from any of you guys are more than welcome to visit anytime you are around.